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6 Steps to Start Your Project Easily and Quickly

Welcome to Orange Gorilla Digital Marketing Agency, established in 2011. We proudly operate across Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Israel, the USA, Canada, Lithuania, Poland, and the UAE.

1. Discovery & Strategy
We kick off by diving deep into your business objectives, target audience, and essential functionalities.

This critical phase involves thorough research and strategic planning to ensure the solutions we recommend align perfectly with your goals.
2. Client Choice & Agency Guidance
You have the freedom to select the services that best meet your current needs.

We provide expert advice on what will most effectively achieve your objectives, ensuring there are no unnecessary expenditures.
3. Custom Development & Design
Our expert team brings your vision to life, customizing every aspect of your project.

From the initial design to the final touches, ensuring every element is fine-tuned for the best user and search engine experience.
4. Testing & Launch
We conduct extensive testing to ensure a flawless user experience and robust security.

Upon your approval, we launch your project, equipped with full capabilities to make an immediate impact.
5. Monitoring, Maintenance, and Support
Post-launch, our agency continues to monitor your project’s performance, addressing any issues proactively. Regular maintenance ensures your systems stay up-to-date and run smoothly.

Our dedicated support team is always ready to assist with any questions or needs that arise, ensuring your digital assets continue to perform optimally.
  • Orange Gorilla Agency Testimonial Photo
    As the largest tissue bank in the world, the Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation has significantly expanded our international sales across major medical markets. The global campaigns managed by our partners delivered outstanding lead quality and helped us connect with top medical distributors, exceeding our expectations. We highly recommend their B2B sales and marketing expertise for anyone looking to enhance their market reach.
    J. Bridgeman
    MTF, Edison, USA
  • Orange Gorilla Testimonial Photo
    D. Farber here, CEO of Snappling Center. Orange Gorilla Digital Marketing Agency significantly elevated our online presence with a stellar WordPress site designed for the construction industry. They seamlessly integrated Google and social media PPC ads, alongside a CRM-driven sales funnel, enhancing our operational efficiency and boosting customer engagement. Their expert solutions have been pivotal in advancing our digital strategy and business growth.
    D. Farber
    Snappling Center, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Orange Gorilla Agency Testimonial Photo
    As CEO of Flower World, I am thrilled with the results from our partnership with Orange Gorilla Agency. Their strategic international PPC campaigns and expertly crafted sales funnel significantly enhanced our lead quality and quantity, boosting our sales by 40% in just five months. Thanks to Orange Gorilla, we've surpassed our sales targets and are positioned for ongoing success.
    Yaniv Lulu
    Flower World, Guangzhou, China
  • Orange Gorilla Agency Testimonial Photo
    In 2016, we engaged Orange Gorilla Digital Marketing Agency for their International Package, targeting the Middle East and Eastern Europe with ad campaigns in multiple languages. Their skilled execution and lead qualification services significantly enhanced our distributor networks. Partnering with Orange Gorilla was a pivotal decision for us. I highly recommend their professional and expert services.
    F. Peycelon
    Lifenet Health, Virginia Beach, USA
  • Orange Gorilla Agency Testimonial Photo
    At Tidhar Construction, we are committed to improving our internal processes for building homes and offices. We partnered with Orange Gorilla Digital Marketing Agency to develop landing pages, implement end-to-end analytics, create sales funnels, and integrate everything with our ERP systems. The results have been a tremendous success.
    July Tamir
    Tidhar Construction, Israel
  • Orange Gorilla Agency Testimonial Photo
    Vivostat, provides a specialized product line for medical professionals in surgery. We engaged international digital marketing services to enhance our global outreach, launching targeted campaigns in Spanish and English. Our initiatives included developing new landing pages, revitalizing our WordPress site, implementing a lead management system, and improving ROMI. These efforts have significantly advanced our engagement with medical professionals.
    Lene Lykke
    Vivostat, Denmark
  • Orange Gorilla Agency Testimonial Photo
    At Aviv Construction, we’ve faced an extreme shortage of qualified workers for building finishes such as plastering, pointing, painting, varnishing, and distempering. To tackle this, we launched targeted ads to recruit professional teams. We commissioned landing pages, ad campaigns, integrated a lead management system with our CRM, and implemented a lead qualification service. I highly recommend this agency for their effective solutions and notable results.
    Linor Abramov
    Aviv Construction, Israel
  • Orange Gorilla Agency Testimonial Photo
    It has been my distinct pleasure to engage with Orange Gorilla Agency. They expertly enhanced our global outreach for Agri Tech and Food Tech technologies. Their proficiency produced an outstanding website, detailed catalogs, and a well-planned advertising campaign. The team's high professional standards and personal commitment to client relationships stand out. I highly recommend them for their excellent service and professionalism.
    Emma Kvitnitsky
    EMMA Technologies, Israel
  • Orange Gorilla Agency Testimonial Photo
    We are thrilled with the results and dedication Orange Gorilla has shown. Their role has been crucial in our successful entry into new global markets. We highly recommend Orange Gorilla to any business seeking to scale internationally in the B2B sector.
    Gil I.
    Magma Magnets, Israel

Unlock Your Business Potential with Our Digital Marketing Expertise

Join a multitude of satisfied clients who have transformed their digital presence.

Cherishing Our Clients.

Empowering Startups, Scaleups, Local and International Businesses.

Our agency is committed to delivering innovative and bespoke digital marketing solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients across local and international markets.

Frequently Asked

We believe in building strong, collaborative relationships with our clients, treating each project as a partnership that drives mutual growth and success

1What distinguishes Orange Gorilla Digital Marketing Agency from others?
Orange Gorilla Digital Marketing Agency stands out as a full-service digital marketing firm, excelling in website and web apps development, as well as managing Google PPC campaigns, SEO, social media, and content creation. We are recognized for our innovative approach and tailored solutions that consistently deliver outstanding results.

Our clients typically experience a tripling of their engagement, with a 300% increase in web traffic and a 200% rise in lead conversion rates within the first year. This demonstrates our dedication to surpassing marketing goals and driving substantial business growth.
2Who are Orange Gorilla's typical clients?
Orange Gorilla Digital Marketing Agency specializes in partnering with startups and scaleups, delivering comprehensive digital solutions that enhance business growth. We excel in building websites, creating sales funnels, managing PPC campaigns, implementing CRMs, and guiding technology adoption to ensure seamless, scalable, and effective use of technology by teams.

Our strategies are designed to attract new customers, retain existing ones, and increase lifetime value. Additionally, we are known for our rapid deployment of new products and ideas, helping our clients achieve quick market entry and scalable success.
3What budget is necessary for effective digital marketing?
At Orange Gorilla Digital Marketing Agency, we recognize that the budget for effective digital marketing can vary widely depending on several factors including your business goals, market size, and the competitive landscape. While it's true that digital marketing budgets are flexible, we generally recommend that small to mid-sized enterprises allocate an average of 12% of their gross revenue to marketing efforts to ensure meaningful impact and competitive performance.

Our approach involves starting with a plan that is specifically tailored to your business's goals and scale. This strategy not only optimizes your spending but also increases the efficiency of your marketing dollars. Whether you're looking to launch a new product, expand into new markets, or strengthen your brand presence, we provide scalable solutions that can adjust to your budget while maximizing your return on investment.

This budgetary guideline helps set realistic expectations and ensures that our clients understand the investment needed to achieve substantial results. At Orange Gorilla, we are committed to delivering high-value digital marketing that aligns with both your financial capabilities and your strategic objectives.
4Can Orange Gorilla manage digital marketing campaigns internationally?
Yes, Orange Gorilla Digital Marketing Agency excels in managing international digital marketing campaigns by harnessing a deeply contextual, multilingual, and multicultural approach. Our expertise spans critical global markets including the USA, Britain, Australia, UAE (Dubai), Singapore, Mexico, Spain, Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Israel and regions using Slavic languages.

Our team creates content that is not only translated but culturally adapted, ensuring it resonates with the local audience’s values, language nuances, and regional mentalities. This involves sophisticated strategies that consider the cultural context and consumer behaviors unique to each country. For instance, our content strategies for the USA, UK, and Australia respect and reflect each country's variant of International English, while in multilingual nations like Switzerland, we tailor content to connect in German, French, and Italian as appropriate.

This multilayered approach ensures that our digital marketing campaigns are not just seen but are also meaningful and persuasive to audiences across different cultural landscapes. By understanding and integrating local mentalities and cultural nuances into our strategies, Orange Gorilla delivers campaigns that are not only effective globally but optimized for local relevance and impact. This meticulous attention to cultural detail sets us apart and drives success in international markets.
5Can Orange Gorilla Integrate with Existing Marketing Teams?
At Orange Gorilla Digital Marketing Agency, we excel at collaborating with your existing marketing staff to complement and enhance your ongoing marketing efforts. Here’s how we integrate with your team:

Collaborative Planning: Our initial step involves detailed planning sessions with your marketing team to understand their current strategies, tools, and objectives. This helps us identify areas where we can add value.

Role Definition: We clearly define roles and responsibilities for both our team and your in-house staff. This delineation ensures that all efforts are synergistic and no tasks are duplicated.

Joint Workshops and Training: We conduct workshops and training sessions to align methodologies and share knowledge. This fosters a collaborative culture and ensures both teams are up to speed with the latest digital marketing practices.

Regular Coordination Meetings: Ongoing meetings are scheduled to ensure projects are on track, discuss results, and make adjustments to strategies as necessary. These meetings help maintain clear and open communication between all parties.

Shared Tools and Platforms: We integrate our tools with yours wherever possible, providing a unified platform for managing campaigns and analyzing data. This ensures transparency and seamless operation.

Support and Advisory: Our team acts as a support and advisory resource, ready to assist and provide expert insights whenever needed, thus enhancing the effectiveness of your existing marketing team.

Through these steps, Orange Gorilla ensures that our partnership not only integrates smoothly with your existing marketing team but actively enhances and amplifies your marketing initiatives.
6How is the success of digital marketing campaigns measured at Orange Gorilla?
At Orange Gorilla Digital Marketing Agency, we employ a suite of advanced tools and analytics to meticulously measure the success of our digital marketing campaigns. Our approach includes monitoring key performance indicators such as website traffic, social media engagement, conversion rates, and overall return on investment (ROI). This data-driven strategy allows us to continuously refine and optimize our marketing efforts, ensuring that we not only meet but exceed your business objectives.

By leveraging these insights, we are able to effectively increase marketing ROI by up to 300%, demonstrating our commitment to maximizing the impact and efficiency of your digital marketing investments. Our rigorous analytics practice provides you with transparent, actionable results, enabling a clear understanding of how our strategies translate into real-world growth for your business.

We Actively Participate in Industry Seminars to Remain at the Forefront of Innovations.

By implementing comprehensive digital marketing strategies, Orange Gorilla ensures that your brand maintains a favorable and strong presence online, crucial for attracting and retaining customers in today’s digital world.