Our Story - Orange Gorilla Digital Marketing Agency

Welcome to Orange Gorilla Digital Marketing Agency, established in 2011 (as Web Praxis). With a presence in Tel Aviv, Israel and Berlin, Germany, we have developed a robust footprint in key global markets.

Our agency is committed to delivering innovative and bespoke digital marketing solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients across local and international markets.

Our Mission: Empower Businesses 

Our mission at Orange Gorilla is to empower businesses with customized digital marketing solutions that drive growth, enhance online visibility, and produce measurable results.

We cater to a diverse clientele, ranging from startups to scale-ups, each benefiting from our tailored strategies that transcend language and cultural barriers.

Transform Your Business's Digital Strategy

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Who We Serve: Target Audiences 

  • Startups: We equip startups with custom digital solutions that facilitate launching and growing, establishing a robust online presence from the very beginning.

  • Scaleups: We provide scaleups with advanced strategies designed to enhance operations and expand market reach, fostering rapid growth and development.

  • Local and Global Businesses: We serve businesses across a broad range of industries, both locally and globally, tailoring our strategies to meet diverse marketing needs.

  • B2B Organizations: We support B2B entities in achieving strategic market advancements, helping them navigate complex market dynamics and competitive landscapes.

  • Entrepreneurs and Professionals: We assist entrepreneurs and professionals in gaining a competitive edge and enhancing their market visibility through targeted digital strategies.

  • Local Consumers: We offer reliable and professional services tailored to meet the needs of local consumers, ensuring satisfaction and trust in our local markets.

Specialized Verticals


Why Orange Gorilla?


Global Expertise, Local Insight

With offices in Israel, Germany, and Lithuania, we provide a unique blend of global reach and local expertise, making us adept at navigating various market dynamics.

Multilingual Capabilities

We offer services in over 10 languages, allowing us to serve an international clientele effectively and connect with audiences worldwide.

Industry-Specific Expertise

Orange Gorilla has extensive experience across various verticals, enabling us to address specific industry challenges and opportunities.

Diverse Clientele

We proudly serve customers from dynamic regions including Israel, Germany, USA, Denmark, Dubai, Spain, and Lithuania, tailoring our solutions to meet diverse business environments and consumer behaviors.